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Heat treatment (PWHT)


We perform Post Weld Heat Treatment to retain material strength of the part after welding. By PWHT, one can control the hardness of the material and reduce the residual stress induced. Hence, after welding, one has to process the material through Post Weld Heat Treatment.

During the process, engineers ensure that the temperature does not drop below the specified degree. Apply the PWHT method for the part at temperature up to 316°C. PWHT avoids Weld failures, susceptible brittle fracture and high cracking potential.


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  • Hydrogen removal
  • Reduction of residual stresses
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Tempering
  • Enhanced ductile roughness


  • What is Non Destructive Testing?

    Non Destructive Testing is defined as a method used to investigate the integrity of an object, material or system, without impairing its future usefulness.

  • Why is NDT used ?

    It is used to determine the following: a) In place quality of Concrete b) Health of Concrete] c) Influence of Time d) Non-availability of old drawings related to the structure.

  • What is the Accuracy?

    The accuracy of the diameter measured increase with decrease in cover. It also depends upon the diameter of the bar. For example if the cover is 30 mm and bar diameter is 25 mm the accuracy is + 1 mm. This accuracy can improve if either of these parameters i.e. diameter or cover is reduced

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